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IMG_7167Dearest Kids,

I’m so very glad you told me the story about the shoelaces and St. Therese.  I think all the hassle you went through to be able to see her at St. Mary’s Cathedral — and your concern for your Dad having to open up your truck – is just absolutely charming.  It’s a fuss that I am certain Therese would not have wanted, but that Jesus had you go through so you can witness the value of love for the sake of our dear saint.

So many times, it’s so easy to invoke our little beloveds.  We have great faith and we know we can call to them, and they will be with us in any moment of need.  But when do we go through the trouble of showing them what great worth God’s treasures are to us?  When you went to see her, that was just a little taste of all we owe them.  A pilgrimage, a little drive, a little going out of the way, a little extra prayer are all means to show our gratitude to them for all they have done for us, but most importantly, for all they’ve done to Glorify God our Father.  May their intercession for us be to God’s glory as well…

I’m so happy you went down to see our dear friend Therese.

Today, I was thinking about how much we need to immerse ourselves in their friendship to counter the effects of the world.  Whatever it is we touch or consume, whatever is secular, there’s a trace of a truly unknown we expose ourselves to.. so much we immerse ourselves in through our entertainment and media.  It touches our eyes, our minds, and imprints itself onto our souls. What good it would do us to spend time to immerse ourselves with the saints, always..

To immerse yourselves with the Goodness, Beauty and Truth of God’s friends is to immerse yourself with the traits of God Himself.  And He has given this all through Christ Jesus.

“Blessed be the God, and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who has blessed us in Christ with every spiritual blessing in the heavens.”

And to imagine.. He gave us His Mother, the Blessed Virgin, our Dear Mother who love us so.  His greatest treasure is ours.  What love He has given us, what care, what concern.

Yes, these saints and Our Blessed Mother, these great treasures of heaven are proof of God’s great love, but they’re also a testament of the great graces He wishes to bestow upon you and me, too.  May we ask Him to prepare to accept every singular grace and gift He has in store for us… whether it’s the gift of a saintly friend, or a greater awareness of His great friendship with us, or whether it’s drawing us ever closer to the inner recesses of His Most Holy and Sacred Heart.

Jesus is our soul’s Truest Friend.  He is the Truest Lover of our little hearts.   May we never fail to ask Him to give us His Divine Love, that we may love Him divinely with all our heart, mind, and soul in return.

AMDG. Feast of Our Lady of the Rosary

Dieu de roi