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In Sinu Jesu Book CoverToday’s the soft start of In Sinu Jesu – we’re reading the Introduction and whatever else we feel like posting – and I’ve hung around Twitter aaall day, a habit I’m wary of, for obvious reasons.

Maybe it’s not too obvious.

I’ve been working on my prayer life.  And I know about the delicacy keeping the mind and heart free for God.  I’ve experienced this..I’ve struggled with this. So, to go to a place that has a history of causing so much distraction to me.. it seems foolish.

I overcame something in the beginning of this year.  It took weeks-long, then days-long hiatus’s.. hiatii.. so I’m wary.  I don’t trust myself, not when my prayer life has lagged as it has for the past few weeks.

I start again.  This time, with In Sinu Jesu, a book written by a Benedictine monk as Jesus spoke to his heart while in Holy Adoration.

I have another blog, but it’s for another purpose, not suitable for what I have in mind with In Sinu Jesu.  This blog has been hidden because it has my full name.  I haven’t been afraid to use it.. I just didn’t know what I would use it for.

Now I know.

veronicaestrada.wordpress.com has a beautiful Chateau Theme that has been retired from WordPress for ages.  I – again – parked it years ago.. 2013 or so.  Now’s the time to use it.

AMDG. Vigil of Divine Mercy Sunday