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Yesterday, on the drive back from Mass, the curious thought to write behind my name occurred to me.  Yes, I’ve already been writing Catholic.. you see the posts I’ve written.. this time, the idea to publicly merge *all* of my online Catholic identity to my real self emerged.  I’m trying this out now.. AMDG.


Well, there’s been no way for me to get around it.  This is my name, after all, this is who I am.  And if I want to go forward as a writer, it means bringing all of who I am, all of my perspective, all of me, all to the forefront.. which is seeing everything through the Catholic worldview.  

Catholic.  More of a Godly worldview, as God is universal and above the Universal Church.  Yes.. I like seeing things as God does.

Time to just proclaim it from the rooftops.

Up until now, I’ve sorta, kinda hidden behind a Catholic Twitter identity – @begreatsaints – and I’ve never really let people fully know who I am from that end.

I think I’ll keep it that way.. direct my Twitter friends in this direction if they’re interested.  As for my secular life, I’ll let them figure it out if they’re so inclined.  Or reveal it as the Holy Spirit directs me, I guess (scary).  Whatever God wills, I will try to obey.

For now, it’s this, all for His greater glory.  Lord Jesus, give me your Strength, Mary, your Wisdom & Faithfulness.  May I forever be His little handmaid, Amen.