Week 1, Tuesday Evening Prayer, Antiphon 1, Psalm 20

A prayer for the King’s Victory

Myth Lord answer in time of trial;

may the name of Jacob’s God protect you.
May he send you help from his shrine

and give you support from Zion.

May be remember all your offerings

and receive your sacrifice with favor.

May he give you your heart’s desire

and fulfill eery one of your plans.

May we ring out our joy at your vitory

and rejoice in the name of our God,

May the Lord grant all your prayers.

I am sure now that the Lord

will give victory to his anointed,

will reply from his holy heaven

with the mighty victory of his head.

Some trust in chariots or horses,

but we in the name of the Lord.

They will collapse and fall,

but we shall hold and stand firm.

Give victory to the king, O Lord,

give answer on the day we call.

If God establishes the kingdom in our hearts, when He is victorious, can He not be victorious in our bodies, minds and souls?

Is it possible to give Him victory over whatever mess is in us?  Isn’t there a great battle waging in there, too?

Why would we withhold that Victory from Him?  And let Him be King in His little corner of His Kingdom, which is us?

originally posted in Little Good Things – Build His Kingdom (littlecarpenters.wordpress.com)